Wizard Ninja

  • NIKON Z 6_2
  • 50mm
  • f/2.0
  • 1/60s
  • ISO 200
  • Lens Model: NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S
Coach recognition trophy.

As a coach on the Iron Giants mountain bike team, I became the self-appointed team photographer. What else does a guy with all the gear do? On race days, I don’t stand still for very long. I end up crisscrossing the course for about 12 hours straight without really taking any breaks. As a result, I appear and disappear all day long. That behavior has landed me with the nickname “Wizard Ninja” from the other coaches. Tonight at our team dinner, they gave me this little ninja guy with a camera to recognize the photography wizard ninja behavior 😁. I love this team. The camera is hand-made and has little photographs representing me inside it, often with my hat backward as I take photos, my bike, and my truck. Neat.

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