NICA Manti Race 2021

Gavin leaning into turn #2 of the Manti Party Turns.

This year was our first time racing at the Manti course, and it became my favorite course to photograph. The course is fun to ride too. It is fast and fun. Not a lot of technical, but that is okay. The Manti course is the first course I know of that was purpose-built for the Utah NICA league. As such, it is very well thought out. The start and finish are very close to each other. There are many opportunities to photograph racers within a reasonable walking distance, and the course dynamics in those locations make great photos. These are my favorite race photos to date. The banked “party turns” make it possible to grab multiple angles as the racers pass by, and as they come over a ridge, there is nothing but blue sky or clouds as a backdrop.

I illustrated a map of the course where I spent all my time photographing.

Green arrows show the direction, green dots are places I took photos.
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