NICA Cedar City Race 2021

NICA Cedar City Race 2021

This is my fourth year being a coach and photographer for the Iron Giants mountain bike team. Being a coach for the Iron Giants is a ton of fun. I couldn’t help but become the self-designated team photographer. It is challenging to capture every athlete on the team on race day. The Iron Giants are one of the smaller teams in the Utah NICA league, but we still have 60+ kids. It becomes a feat of endurance to get a picture of everybody and make take them in interesting locations. I end up criss-crossing the course, running from one location to the next and timing everything perfectly, so I can make it from location A to location B without missing people.

Inevitably, races overlap, and I have to move from one location for the next before I get all the shots I want. This means I don’t get as many shots of some kids as I do others, and sometimes I miss kids altogether. I try my best.

The course at Three Peaks is our home course and there are several spots to get good photos. It is a challenge to get to the good spots. Requires a lot of walking and sometimes running, but the results are always worth it.

Here are some highlights from the Three Peaks race.

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