Family Headshots

My wife needed a new headshot for an upcoming dance performance. It has been a long time since I had a decent headshot also, so we made it a family event. I couldn’t get the two teenagers to cooperate, imagine that. The rest of us got some photos. Personal work is the most important photography I do. I’ve been terrible at showcasing my personal work, so I am going to try and do better on this blog. That is the beauty of this blog. I don’t feel constrained by the expectations of social media to be one specific type of photographer.

These headshots were done using some new-to-me techniques. I used natural light. I played with a couple of spots, but settled on our garage as the final location. I taped a piece of white seamless paper to the wall with gaffers tape, opened the garage door and played with the distance from the opening of the door to the subjects. I was going for a super soft light. Turns out putting the subject too close to the garage door opening made the light too bright. Placing the subject at the back of the garage was too dark, not soft enough. Somewhere in the middle was just right.

So here we are in all our headshot glory. Jennie actually got herself ready for this, but the rest of us just came as-we-were, paint on faces and all.

These are my new favorite photos of Jennie.

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