Cedar City Historic Downtown Christmas Lights

Testing out a new tool. I got an Atomos Ninja V recently so that I can record long dance concerts, events, and theatre performances. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Ninja V has a timelapse feature which turns out to be amazing. You can set how often to record a frame and how long to record and it creates the video for you. It can record the timelapse in 4K ProRes N-Log format which gives you wide dynamic range footage to work with. Best of all, it does this purely off of the HDMI signal from the camera and you don’t have to worry about wearing out your shutter like you do with shooting thousands of still images and compiling them into timelapse footage later. You obviously don’t get as much flexibility and resolution with the N-Log as you would shooting RAW still images, but I think the shutter trade-off and ease of working with the ProRes N-Log footage is worth it.

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